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  Young Haylitt Retief

  Flying school

  Pilot's license UK

  Pilots license Netherlands

  Parachute activity log France

  Doctorates graduation paper

  Participation in the Elfsteden Tocht (a brutal ice-skating Tour through Eleven cities and over 200 kilometers in freezing midwinter, started at 06:00 and finished 20 Hours later)


  Publications and Participation's in International Congresses, Projects and Events

  US landing on the beaches near Beirut International airport, where they were met by Haylitt Retief who was regularly flying in the area there with a commercial airliner.

  Article France newspaper about Haylitt Retief

  Die Kehlstein verswch÷rung (Compelling story based on newly discovered facts - written by Haylitt Retief) - Newspaper reviews

  Books by Haylitt Retief

  Instruction Video made by Retief for Commercial Airline Pilot's "click to download or view it real-time".

  Research with Formula one driver in Zandvoort, The Netherlands.

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We have to emphazise again that the name "Haylitt Retief" is a legalized authors' penname for Drs J P Krol (neuropsychologist etc.).

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