The story

Haylitt Retief was born of Dutch parentage and grew up in Asia, America and Australia. His parents where high ranking civil servants in the Dutch colonial government of "Nederlands Indië" (now Indonesia). During world war II, separated from his parents, he was interned in several Japanese concentration camps for more then 3 years. After the war he finished school in Holland and, after a brief period in the Dutch air force, he was trained as an airline pilot in England. He subsequently served as a first officer with B.O.A.C. - Associated Companies in the Middle East where he was involved in civil and military operations. After this period Retief studied Neuropsychology, specializing in cerebral electrophysiology, stress research, alcohol and drugs. His stress research centered on the development of physiological measures for stress and quantification of decision making in life threatening situations. Such situations included aircraft cockpits in simulated and real flight (including related Multi Media instruction) and explosive decompression, Air Traffic Control experiments, divers at great depth suffering from nitrogen narcoses or living or escaping from undersea laboratories, parachute jumping etc.. Retief has mainly concentrated his research on the fields where he has expert knowledge (e.g. flying, parachute jumping and deep see diving). His publications (in English, German, French and Dutch) cover his scientific research and various novels including the (partly biographic) "Spion voor Nato" (Holland) and "Die Kehlstein-Verschwörung" (Berlin, 1993).

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We have to emphasize again that the name "Haylitt Retief" is a legalized authors' penname for Drs J P Krol (neuropsychologist etc. etc.).